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How To Make Your Squidoo Lens #1 In Google

I was not a fan of Squidoo as I made 2 lenses and they did not do much and always ranked beyond 50,000 in Squidoo. Not until I received an email from Squidoo team about the lens of the day which was titled "What Is CCD and Why Is a Bee My Link to Food?" by Writertiff.

As I am not that geeky about SEO I tell you what happened and how I thought through the sequence of events, so that you can conclude what is useful and what is not.

Writertiff's lens was about bee Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD for short, in which she expressed her worry about the crops when there are no bees to pollinate plants, when transferring pollen grains from one male plant to another female plant, the process that ensures production of (fruits) which represents our crops.

I have a blog titled "Elqalatawy-View" in which I express my personal view of health and nutrition basics and news including: health-foods, culinary herbs, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, calorie content, negative calories, glycemic index, weight loss, diabetes, health, skin care and beauty.

In this blog I have some articles about honey as a health food, and I decided to pick up 2 of them to be linked to the mentioned lens, the articles were titled "Diabetes wounds, How To use HONEY to Avoid Amputations", and "The Proof of My Honey proposals comes from Wisconsin University ". They both were nice articles involving my readings, my experience as a pharmacist, and the clinical work of an academic institute. They represent a new unknown way to deal with wounds, particularly diabetic wounds, yet they did not receive that much attention on my blog.

I went to SquidU (the forum of Squidoo) and read about the modules and began to work. I included some ebooks from Amazon and some videos from YouTube. After completing the lens I posted about it in the Warrior Forum, and I received some valuable advices from the warriors, 2 of them were kind to rate me 5 stars.

Today (07/13/2007) the lens comes # 7 out of 58,600 results in Google for the keywords: diabetes, amputations, honey. It comes # 1 out of 290 results in Google for the key words: ccd, amputations, diabetes, honey. It comes # 3 out of 119 results in Google for the key words : ccd, amputations, diabetes, honey.

This is the full story of the lens for you to take some hints about how can one that is not very savvy about Squidoo makes a good lens.

About The Author

Waheed Elqalatawy writes health and nutrition basics and news including: health-foods, culinary herbs, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, honey, calorie content, negative calories, glycemic index, weight loss, diabetes, cellular health, skin care and beauty. If you want to read about honey and other health foods, go visit http://www.waheedelqalatawy.blogspot.com

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