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Seven Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone talks about making money online, but there are at least seven ways to make money online using the Internet. And what are those seven ways?

1 - eBay - Don't laugh! Hundreds of thousands of people make a full-time living selling products on eBay and you can too. The key is finding a niche that's not hyper competitive and then finding quality products you can sell for a good profit. After that, it's strictly a matter of repeating and refining the process through experimentation with varying price points, bundling groups of products, offering related products, and continuing to carve out a niche for yourself.

2 - Affiliate Sales - Become a affiliate for popular products and services. promote them to your own list or through pay-per-click ads. ClickBank has thousands of digital products that pay at least 50% commission on a sale.

3 - Google AdSense - Add advertising to your web site or blog, but don't expect too much at the start. To make money with AdSense, you have to have substantial website traffic. Ad placement, color schemes, and page choices also affect your results. Too may other choices on the page and people will ignore your ads. Keep them above the fold where site visitors can see them first thing.

4 - Open an online store - This is not as hard as it seems. There are many companies who will provide product thumbnails, descriptions, and pricing via data feeds that you can convert into web pages. The key is to look for a niche within a niche and then apply serious SEO tactics to drive traffic to your store.

5 - Private Label Rights - Using other people's products to make money online is a goal for many people that is harder to attain than they think. You must know how to generate traffic to your offer and have a sales page that converts well, or you'll get nowhere fast.

6 - Create your own product - Digital products sell well online. You should look for a problem in need of a solution. Don't be afraid to compete against similar products. Just make yours better and create an irresistible offer jam-packed with extra value. Proactively recruit affiliates through ClickBank, the Warrior Forum, and other Internet marketing sites.

7 - Membership site - Running your own membership site isn't as hard as it sounds. Even a small site with 1,000 members will produce significant monthly income. Create your own content at first and then bring in experts when you can afford to pay for content and coaching. How-to videos are always well received.

So, there you have it, 7 ways to make money online.

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