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Seven Ways to Increase the Popularity of Your Blog

Looking for tips and tools to help make your blog more popular? Here are seven ways to increase the popularity of your blog:

Viral content - If you want your blog to be popular, you have to write interesting posts. People love short lists, funny topics, insights into your particular niche they can't find anywhere else, and your personal take on current buzz topics.

Be controversial - Be opinionated. take a stand on issues you and your readers care about. Don't be afraid to go against the grain or take a negative slant on things. Controversy stirs people up and makes them want to find out more.

Technorati tags - Add Technorati tags to all your posts with keyword rich tag text. There are tools that will do this automatically by adding your category tag or create a tag from a keyword list.

Social bookmarking - AddThis has a great widget to enable social bookmarking on your site from one small icon. The nice thing about it is that a simple mouseover pops up a window listing all the social bookmarking sites so you don't have to devote a huge amount of space to all the various site icons. Plus, you no longer have a dozen or more outbound links to those sites from every post on your blog.

RSS Feeds - Make it easy for visitors to find your feed. Register your feed at FeedBurner and related sites. Place their reader icons right next to your feed link because that's what they're looking for.

Blog submission - Be sure to submit your blog to the hundreds of blog directories out there. Why? because you get hundreds of links back to your blog which increases your search engine visibility.

Blog comments - Post comments on other blogs and link back to your own blog. Use trackback links for extra link juice with Google.

Many of these methods can be automated using some of the tools and resources listed below.

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